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As a Dungeons & Dragons writer, Adventurers League administrator, and a generally enthusiastic and engaged member of the D&D community, Lysa has a lot to say about her favorite hobby and career!




Dragon Talk

Lysa joins Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble on the Dungeons & Dragons podcast, Dragon Talk, discussing everything from joining the Dungeon Masters Guild Adept to creating community-wide festivals for Adventurers League to reinventing her life through Dungeons & Dragons to pondering the reproductive patterns of beholders.


Nerdarchy Live Chat

Lysa chats with Nerdarchy's Dave about all things Dungeons & Dragons and Adventurers League, answering questions in the chatroom along the way. They touch on dungeon mastering tips, rules to tweak your 5e table, and how diversity makes D&D better.


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The Slant

The Slant newsletter delivers Asian American news, media, and culture to e-mail inboxes every Friday. Their "6 Questions" feature interviews awesome Asian Americans doing cool things. In her interview, Lysa talks D&D and pot roasts!


Table Talk Babble

Lysa reviews Dungeons & Dragons in 2017 with fellow Guild Adepts Rich Lescouflair, Cindy Moore, and host James Introcaso on this RPG news, advice, interviews, and reviews podcast. 


Down with D&D

Lysa chats with Shawn Merwin and Chris Sniezak of Down with D&D about writing Ruins of Hisari, being a part of the Guild Adepts, and... knitting in an orchestra?!